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Hope Downs 4 Accommodation Village

We carried out the construction of the accommodation village and infrastructure works for the Hope Downs 4 Accommodation Village which house the personnel allocated to work within the mine and its associated facilities.

The scope involved the design and construction of the accommodation village facilities over an area of 160,000m2, consisting of 920 permanent and temporary accommodation rooms with associated recreational areas including a swimming pool, sports facilities and wet mess, administration areas and shops, kitchen facilities and bus shelters all within a desirable village environment. The village is supported by a sustainable power supply, water, communication, fire detection and sewerage systems. EPCM and mine temporary construction buildings are also included within the contract.

The site is located 30km north west of Newman and is a long term high volume producer of high quality iron ore from the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

Completion Date: May 2012
Location: Hope Downs, Western Australia
Market Sector: Resources