Ronald McDonald House Opening

On Friday 4 December, members of Doric's Executive Team and the Ronald McDonald House Project Team joined CEO Peter King, Patron Adam Gilchrist, Campaign contributors and dignitaries to celebrate the official opening of the new Ronald McDonald House.

The event was a great success, and all present were naturally not only impressed with the facilities offered by the House, but also the quality of construction delivered by Doric.

Cameron Stone, Director of Insight Project Services provides some great insight and perspective;

"I just wanted to convey my appreciation to Doric and specifically the team who collectively worked on the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) project.  The project has been one of my more memorable experiences in nearly 20 years of project management and I have enjoyed immensely working with the individuals Doric assigned to the project.

As an aside, I thought it worthwhile divulging to you that I have never had any builder attend to the volume of defects and outstanding works post PC with either the speed, efficiency, dedication or enthusiasm shown by [the Doric Team, who] should be congratulated… for their sustained and persistent efforts.  Like most projects it’s not the first thing or the things we did along the way that count, but how we finish that everyone remembers and it was clearly evident at today’s opening ceremony that everyone is truly ecstatic and excited by what we have collectively achieved and have fallen in love with the finished product."

Designed by architect Gerry Kho, the new Ronald McDonald House is located on the QEII Medical Centre campus, close to the new Children’s Hospital. The new House will provide increased capacity to accommodate regional and rural families of sick children to approximately 1000 families each year. Since 1990, RMH Perth has been home to more than 3500 regional families.