Our Company Structure

Our Board represents our shareholders' interests and, working with our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team, it approves business strategy, monitors performance against objectives and ensures that appropriate governance and risk management practices are in place to protect and grow our company.

Our Executive Leadership Team consists of our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, General Manager and Pre-Contracts Manager; all of whom are highly credentialed individuals who possess a wealth of experience in the local, national and international construction industry. Together, they are responsible for executing our strategic plans and for our day-to-day operations.

Our Executive leadership Team is very ably supported by our functional departments and project delivery teams that work tirelessly to execute our strategies and meet performance expectations.

One of the key advantages of our company structure is that our shareholders, Board members and executives are accessible. This accessibility is aided by their presence in Perth, with all of them based in our head office. Their accessibility and presence enables frequent face-to-face communication, which in turn enables prompt decision making. As a result, we are agile and are able to quickly adapt to change in a notoriously cyclical industry. This is another of our core strengths.